Guidelines & FAQs

Q: How do I get my project to you?

Answer: After you’ve paid for services, you can either e-mail it as a PDF attachment to: *protected email* or mail a hard copy (please Contact Me for the physical mailing address).

Q: What format do you require for teleplays or screenplays?

Answer: I recommend you use the latest version of Final Draft at  No matter what version you use, please e-mail it to me in a PDF format.

Q: What format do you require for manuscripts?

Answer: Follow these typical manuscript guidelines:
  • Your writing must be typed using black text on white background
  • Double-space the entire manuscript
  • Font size: 12-point size
  • Font style: Courier, Courier New, or Times New Roman.
  • Left-justify your paragraphs; right margins may be uneven.
  • All margins should be 1 inch
  • Include page numbers
  • Begin chapters on new pages
  • Include a title page, but don’t start numbering your title page
  • Indent five spaces for each new paragraph

Q: What’s the turnaround time for projects?

Answer: There are no guarantees due to other projects but outlines, treatments, and TV scripts may get a 2-week turnaround; film screenplays 3-4 weeks; and manuscripts 6 weeks, depending on the length (all of these times exclude holidays).

Q: Does my script have to be faith-based to use your services?

Answer: I provide services for all genres of film, TV and novels, be they secular or faith-based.  Simply pick the service you want and e-mail me your logline at Contact Me. 

Q: Will you pass my script on to writers, agents, or producers you know?

Answer: I do not guarantee this as they are flooded with submissions. However, if you have something extraordinary, then I’ll contact you and give you feedback on how you should proceed.

Q: Should I register my script before submitting it to you?

Answer: I recommend registering any script you have before you submit it to me, an agency, production company, writer or director—this protects the writer and anyone who reads the script.  Please register with the WGA at or if you’re on the East Coast.  I also recommend you copyright your material via the U.S. Copyright office:

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Me if you have any other questions.