“Tireless, passionate, and a razor sharp instinct for story and character… Sonja is the A-game personified.  She’s is a true joy to work with and watch–always a fierce champion of writers and the consummate colleague; she is hands down one of the best!”

Carl BeverlyExecutive Producer of Elementary, Justified, Unforgettable, Member's Only, and Odd Couple

“Working with Sonja on my first TV job provided a great lesson in how smart about story and patient with writers an executive could be.”


Stephen FalkCreator and Executive Producer of You're the Worst and Co-Executive Producer of Orange is the New Black

“Sonja has spoken into scripts written by some of the best writers of all time, for some of the best producers of all time. So I considered it my honor to have her speak into a couple of my projects, and it’s made me smarter and the projects better. I love surrounding myself with people smarter than I am, which is why I utilize Sonja when I can.”

Dallas JenkinsDirector of What If, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, and award-winning shorts, The Ride and Once We Were Slaves

“I’ve known Sonja Piper Dosti for almost two decades, having worked with her at Imagine Television where I was the CEO and Co-Chairman. Sonja is creative both in terms of story and business solutions. She was an invaluable member of our team, involved with many television shows that went on to great success. She’s the perfect bridge for anyone looking to work in Hollywood and the Faith Based world.”

Tony KrantzExecutive Producer of Dracula, 24, and Sports NightCEO of Flame Ventures

“Sonja has the unique gift of curiosity.  She has used that gift to inspire the best out of writers.  She forged great relationships by trusting, supporting and guiding their vision while at the same time championing their work.  Her well-rounded experience from all sides really shaped her creative intelligence and instincts.  Being a producer, studio and network executive gave her the tool kit to succeed and help others to realize their narrative excellence.  She’s worked with the best in the business from Stephen Falk to Kathryn Bigelow to JJ Abrams and this new venture is the perfect bridge for her worlds to creatively collide.”

Katie O’Connell MarshExecutive Producer of Narcos, Hannibal, Hemlock Grove, and Barbarella for Amazonformer CEO of Gaumont International Television

“I am grateful to have worked with Sonja when she was an executive at both UPN and Universal. Sonja’s strength is twofold. Her creativity and ability to nurture a project and help a writer reach their full potential is paramount, but it is that skill set combined with her ability to navigate this business that makes her a very rare and valuable asset to any project.”

Danielle StokdykExecutive Producer of iZombie and Veronica Mars

“I wrote a pilot for Sonja when she was head of drama at UPN, and from the first day her input on the story and on the building blocks of the series was invaluable to the process. She always encouraged me to dig for more truth in the characters and for the deeper, sometimes more difficult-to-achieve turn to the story. She knew when to be encouraging and when to be tough, and I was always able to talk to her as if she were a partner in bringing the script to life. After three decades as a writer, producer and director in television I know how rare it is to have an executive whose notes I look forward to when I hand in a draft, and with Sonja that was always the case.”

Stephen TolkinWriter of The Craigslist Killer, Brothers and Sisters, Perception, and director of A Day Late and A Dollar Short

“As an experienced screenwriter in Hollywood, I know that strong positive values are an integral part of a successful screenplay that will not only sell but appeal to a broad audience.  Hollywood has finally come to recognize this and is looking for screenplays that have this quality.  Sonja Piper Dosti has a rare understanding of this issue, both professionally with her background as a successful and respected studio executive, and personally as a Christian who lives her faith.  Whether you want to write or produce a faith-based screenplay or one that simply has an empowering theme that will touch audience’s hearts, Ms. Dosti’s input and critique can be invaluable.  I strongly and sincerely recommend her.”

Pamela WallaceAcademy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay, Witness

“With many years of experience in mainstream Hollywood acquiring and developing material for film and television, as well as with her on-going devotion and work with Harvest Bible Chapel, no one knows the faith-based marketplace as clearly as Sonja Piper Dosti.  Her credible and balanced assessment is sure to help writers and novelists in defining their characters and story, while moving their projects forward!”

Kathie Fong YonedaAuthor of THE SCRIPT-SELLING GAME (2nd edition)

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