Your Problems

No Audience
Many faith-based films and books fail to reach a wider audience.
You’ve completed a faith-based script for TV or film, or written a novel, but don’t know how to sell your vision to Hollywood for your target audience.
Faith-based or faith-themed films and TV series flop and lose big money because Hollywood doesn’t understand the faith-based community.

My Solutions

Years Of Experience
I’ve worked in full time ministry for over 10 years and even longer in Hollywood as a producer, studio, network executive, and script consultant, working with A-list talent.
Having worked in both worlds, I can help elevate your script or story to meet the higher artistic and commercial standards of film, TV or book publishing, without compromising your faith or vision.
For Hollywood film and TV writers, producers, and studios, I can serve as a bridge by consulting on your projects so they appeal to and resonate with a greater faith-based community and wider audience. This translates to more tickets sold, books purchased, and viewers on your TV shows.

Please visit my Services page to view the packages I currently offer.

Feel free to browse my website to read more about me and learn about the talented writers, producers, and executives with whom I’ve had the privilege of working and how I can help you with your screenplay, television script, or novel.

“I wrote a pilot for Sonja when she was head of drama at UPN, and from the first day her input on the story and on the building blocks of the series was invaluable to the process. She always encouraged me to dig for more truth in the characters and for the deeper, sometimes more difficult-to-achieve turn to the story. She knew when to be encouraging and when to be tough, and I was always able to talk to her as if she were a partner in bringing the script to life. After three decades as a writer, producer and director in television I know how rare it is to have an executive whose notes I look forward to when I hand in a draft, and with Sonja that was always the case.”

Stephen TolkinWriter of The Craigslist Killer, Brothers and Sisters, Perception, and director of A Day Late and A Dollar Short

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